How does a Shed Love portable building compare with other construction materials?

The most common alternatives to a wooden construction are: polystyrene sandwich panels, aluminium and steel (sometimes called a “caravan construction”) and shipping containers.

The 100% wooden construction of a Shed Love portable building compares favourably with all of these alternative structures.

  • The wooden look fits with most New Zealand situations far better than these alternatives do.
  • Cost-wise the wooden construction is on par or less-expensive than most the alternatives.
  • The wooden construction makes your building more “useable”.  For instance, nails can be hammered in the wall to hang pictures etc.  Extra windows or modifications are relatively simple.
  • Maintenance cost of a portable building is something many people don’t consider.  ALL construction materials will require some maintenance.  The most common is repainting – something that is quick and easy on an all-wooden construction.