Frequently Asked Questions

How are the amenities connected?

Power – plugs into power with caravan lead. Wastewater – you can either have holding tanks (similar to caravan), you can use a macerated unit to move waste to some other storage (large holding tank), or you can try for…

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Do you do custom builds?

Yes. We’ll work with you to provide perfect custom designed portable accommodation that suits your needs.

What building materials do you use?

We use construction grade framing s g 8. Our cladding of choice is a 12mm bandsaws h3 plywood in the utility clad range. If we are adding features such as cedar panel, we often install this over the top of…

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Are the cabins painted?

Yes – in order to minimise waste we stock two colours light and dark. Plywood is a very porous product so we insist on at least painting your exterior before the cabin receives weather.