Other uses

Portable building man caveMan/Woman cave shed

Have your fun away from the house with our portable buildings and shed. You can choose from a large range of options that allow you to get just what you want whether it be a bare-bones space or one with all the luxury you ever want.


Portable buildings as motorcycle workshops and storageMotorcycle storage & workshop

Lacking garage space or got no garage? What if you could have a workshop that you can move when you want. Need to move house? Just pick up and go! Also these sheds are nice and secure for your tools and equipment.


Portable buildings as hobby rooms, work spaces, art rooms, storageHobby room or Studio

Paint, create, build in piece and quiet with your own space. Lock it up and walk away till next time. We have lots of customers enjoying the better parts of life with our portable hobby rooms


Portable buildings for granny flat, accommodation, sleep outGranny flat or sleep out

Our granny flat options can include all the luxuries of a permanent house including one-piece shower, toilet, low-mould construction, insulation, weather-tightness, LED lights, and full electricity to the building from the mains.


Portable buildings as a teenage hang out, sleep out, rumpas room, extra room, alternative to renovationsTeenager hang out

Want to give your teenagers some space for their sake and for your's? Get them an affordable place to spend time or use as a spare room. Great also for those visitors you need to put somewhere.


Onsite lunch rooms

For projects either your own or for work you can install a portable building for a short period for very little cost compared with other options. Choose from a large range of options for fit-out including showers, toilets, kitchens, and more.


Work or home storage

Shed Love's portable buildings can be used for storage with secure lock-up facilities and options for windows that allow your desired level of privacy.
...Anything else? Let us know and we can help you design and build your ideal portable building.