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We build to your specifications. We can help you come up with the best plan or you can send us what you are thinking. Along the way we will help you get the most value from your building with the right choices.

Our mini-bach'es are made from quality wood construction so they will last and are able to be easily repainted and refurbished after many years of use. Recommended sizes for mini-bach's are anything that is 6 metres and larger however it's always up to the customer and their requirements.

We can include
Up to 3 rooms
Stacker doors
Many configurations

We have a range of door options to make sure you can easily move your storage in and out of the shed easily. Get in touch to see options!
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Mini Bach: Portable Buildings

Get ready for summer with our range of portable buildings that can be used as a mini bach. Add another room or 3 onto your existing property, stop tenting without the cost of a full bach. Lots of options including showers, toilets, kitchette's, slider / stacker doors, and more.

Previous customers have used home office portable buildings for owners, managers, admin staff, team leaders, worksite offices, home offices, portable office, storage & security, and work studios.

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Portability matters!

Gain flexibility with our portable buildings. Move them when you need to, create offices on a work site, set up your studio or workspace the way you want and simply move it in tact.

Use our portable buildings for a home office, worksite office, portable office, storage, or work studio.

Shed Love portable buildings use

  • Plywood construction
  • Aluminium joinery
  • Certified electrical work
  • Insulation that is effective and moisture-proof
  • Black Thermakraft self-support building paper
  • Zincalume roofing with gutter eave flashings to ensure total water tightness

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Mini bach portable buildings: New Zealand’s best choice

Are you looking for a portable cabin that you can use as a bach? Shed Love have lots of customisation options to make it work just right for your situation. Portable buildings are not built equal. Here is why we are different:

  • 12mm plywood construction that is structural grade
  • One-piece showers that don't leak
  • More spacious than many other cabins – our largest cabins are 4 metres wide x 10 metres long
  • Easily sited on your property with our transport systems
  • Warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Fully customisable to your requirements
  • Electrical compliance included
  • Fully compliant with local regulations