Portable buildings for home & business

There are all sorts of reasons why you may need extra space at work or around the home. The benefit of a Shed Love transportable building is that they are easily installed, relatively inexpensive and can be relocated or sold when no long needed.

Previously clients from throughout Auckland and Northland have approached us to design and build portable buildings for:

  • Home offices
  • Work studios
  • Business offices
  • Portable baches
  • Onsite lunchrooms or cleaning facilities
  • Worker accommodation
  • Sheds
  • Storage and security


Quality, durability & resale value

Because we build our portable buildings from the best materials using the highest quality workmanship we can guarantee your portable building will have a long life, be easily maintained, and should be easily sold when you no longer require it.

We oversee the entire project, design, build, transport, install (including plumbing and electrical – including data cabling if required). All you have to do is plug in the power cord and move in.

Shed Love portable buildings use:

  • 100% wooden construction
  • Aluminium joinery
  • Certified electrical work
  • Insulation that is effective and moisture-proof
  • Black Thermakraft self-support building paper, and
  • Zincalume roofing with gutter eave flashings to ensure total water tightness.

Click here to found out more about our construction methods and materials.