Standard Size Portable Buildings

Purchasing a standard size portable building from Shed Love means less cost to you while still providing you with the ability to design a portable cabin or shed to meet your specific requirements.

When it Comes To Portable Buildings, Size Matters!

All our materials come in standard sizes. That means the most cost efficient building size is one that has dimensions in multiples of 600cm or 1200cm. Keeping to these dimensions means we can use full sheets of materials and hand the cost savings onto you.

So, when we say “standard” we’re talking about the size for your portable cabin or shed rather than design. You still have a say in the layout and design of your Shed Love transportable building.


Quality, durability, cost

Don’t let the word “cabin” fool you. A quality wood and aluminium portable building or transportable room from Shed Love is made from durable materials that weather like the best built house – in fact there is no reason why it won’t last as long as any home of similar construction. And, when you no longer need it, it can usually be resold.

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