Options for your Portable Accommodation

Shower and toilet for portable cabin - Options

Bathroom or Ensuite
(shower & toilet)

We can add a flush toilet, shower and small vanity/basin that can be connected on site.

Kitchen for cabins - Options


We can supply and install a full basic kitchen.

Interior walls and doors for portable cabins - Options

Interior Walls & Doors

Add walls and doors to create separate rooms.

Interior flooring for portable cabins - Options

Interior Flooring

We offer a range of flooring options including carpet, timber and vinyl. Alternatively, you can arrange your own flooring once delivered on-site.

interior lining of cabin 1 - Options


We can line the interior of your cabin for you or you can line it yourself with the product of your choice.

interior lining of cabin - Options

Interior Painting

We can paint the interior in the colour of your choice or alternatively you can paint it yourself.

Electrical wiring for portable cabins - Options

Electrical Wiring

An electrical package by a certified electrician includes a 20m caravan lead which plugs into your house power.

Electrical fittings for cabin - Options

Electrical Fittings, Lighting & Internet

LED and power points and network fittings can all be added – we’ll work with you to discuss your requirements.

Insulation for sleepout or mini bach - Options


We use polyester insulation which is carbon zero (recycled). Tough and strong, we staple your cabin’s insulation to our wood frames to prevent sagging (sagging is a possible outcome of many insulation’s available and can compromise the insulation’s effectiveness).

Trailers for cabins - Options


We can supply a trailer for your cabin with an optional extra of being able to detach the trailer from the cabin so that you can get a warrant of fitness without the cabin on it.